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Application of single phase induction motor ppt

application of single phase induction motor ppt

Principle of operation.
Shaded pole starting Simple construction and very cheap Direction of Rotation from Unshaded Portion to Shaded Portion Low efficiency of Used in dating a sexually inexperienced man Tape Recorders, Movie Projectors etc.
A shorted rotor operates like a squirrel cage rotor.
Applications It has low starting current and moderate starting torque.
1, single phase induction motor, by: Nafees Ahmed, Asstt.Bearing: Roller or ball bearing It is used in vacuum cleaner, fans, washing machine, centrifugal pump, blowers, washing machine, small toys etc.These motors are often employed requiring a quite operating motor such as in hospitals, studios.Split phase induction motor 10 Two winding Main winding auxiliary winding 90 degree phase angle Main winding low resistance and high reactance eingetragene Sexualstraftäter alberta Aux winding- high resistance and low reactance Switch motor pickup its 75 of its rated speed.Rotor: The rotor is a rotating part of induction motor.Pony motor method.As the bars are permanently shorted by end rings, the rotor electrical resistance is very small and it is not possible to add external resistance as the bars are permanently shorted.Pull out torque- up to 260 of rated torque.Ceiling fans: Internal structure 5, actual 1-phase induction motor.

Efficiency 65 to.
Core (Laminated) 1 phase Stator winding in stator slots Stator Teeth 11, construction rotor Squirrel cage rotor is used aluminum bus bars shorted together at the ends by two aluminum rings.
Capacitor start motor 9 Electrolytic capacitor sexkontakte er sucht ihn 90degree phase angle Im and Is Im lags V due to high reactance of main winding Due to capacitor Is lead V Im and Is angle 90 High starting torque Apps: Lathes, drilling machiine, fan etc.
The resultant of these two component of flux at any instant of time, gives the value of instantaneous stator flux at that particular instant.The construction of single phase induction motor is almost similar to the squirrel cage three phase motor except that in case of asynchronous motor the stator have two windings instead of one as compare to the single stator winding in three phase induction motor.The rotor is cylindrical in shape and has slots all over its periphery.5.Power rating-1/300 to 1/20 HP (2.5W to 40W).This article will provide fundamentals, description and working principle of single phase induction motor.According to the Faradays law of electromagnetic induction, emf gets induced in the rotor.Most frequently used is a capacitor to generate the starting torque.1, single Phase Induction, permanent-split capacitor motor One way to solve the single phase problem is to build a 2-phase motor, deriving 2-phase power from single phase.